How much is an immigration lawyer in London?

  • December 28, 2022


If you want to immigrate to the United Kingdom, there are many things that can go wrong. You might not even know what’s happening until it’s too late for you to change your mind about moving here. This is why it’s so important that people get help from an immigration lawyer in London.

UK immigration law is complex and there are a lot of variables that affect cost.

UK immigration law is complex and there are a lot of variables that affect cost. Immigration lawyers need to be able to navigate the complexities of UK immigration law, handle the many different kinds of cases that come through their doors and provide advice on how to best prepare for your case.

The average cost for an immigration lawyer in London is £1,000 per hour plus VAT (around £1,300). However, this can vary depending on where you live and what kind of experience they have had before working with clients like yourself. Some may charge less than this amount while others may charge more – it’s always worth looking around before hiring someone new!

Some lawyers will offer no-win, no-fee agreements to applicants who meet certain criteria.

A no-win, no-fee agreement (NFFA) is where you pay the lawyer for their services, but if you don’t get your case resolved in your favor it’s not a problem. This can be useful for people who want professional advice without having to worry about losing money by not being successful.

For example, an NFFA could allow you to meet certain requirements before starting work on your case—like having enough time left on your visa or not being able to afford another attorney—and then once those requirements have been met they will offer free legal representation until resolution occurs. However, there are some things that may cause this type of arrangement not to work out well.

There are different kinds of legal costs and it isn’t always clear what you’re paying for.

When you’re looking at legal costs, it’s important to remember that there are two types of fees: fixed and hourly. Fixed fees are more expensive because they don’t include any extra work or meeting time. Hourly rates are easier to understand but may be higher than fixed fees.

Unscrupulous lawyers and visa scams have left some people with expensive bills and no successful applications.

If you’ve been looking to apply for a visa, but have been told by your lawyer that the application process is going to take months or even years, this is a red flag. The reason for this is simple: unscrupulous lawyers may charge you for a visa that isn’t required, or they may use unethical means of getting more money out of their clients.

One example of this would be when an immigration lawyer wants money from the client before even submitting an application—or worse yet, after filing the paperwork with immigration authorities but has not yet received approval from them (which can take several months). Another example could be if your lawyer charges extra fees without giving any explanation as to why those additional costs are necessary; such as having them fax all documents over instead of emailing them as requested by law firms doing business in London at present times due to new regulations put into place since 2016 which require all documents sent through electronic means only now so there shouldn’t really be anything else left behind besides just writing letters back and forth between opposing parties trying their best not only communicate but also convince each other on how things should go down once everything gets worked out between both parties involved here.”

What can you do to keep costs down?

  • Ask for a detailed breakdown of costs. It’s important that you know exactly how much your lawyer will charge, and what those costs will be before signing up.
  • Ask about their fee structure. Does the lawyer work on an hourly basis or are they paid by the hour? This can affect how quickly you’re able to get things done, so make sure you understand it before agreeing on anything else.
  • Ask about their no-win/no-fee policy. If there is no risk involved in working with them (such as losing money), then why would they need to take any fees? In this case, businesses often turn down offers from lawyers who don’t have such policies because they feel it’s unfair or unreasonable; however many companies find that having someone else handle things like contracts makes life much easier than having everything handled by one person alone (which would require more time).

You can save money by preparing as much as possible before seeing an immigration lawyer.

You can save money by preparing as much as possible before seeing an immigration lawyer.

  • Research the law yourself. There are many online resources, including legal advice and information on Immigration Rules.
  • Ask friends and family for advice. If anyone has been in your situation before, they may be able to help you make a decision about what steps to take next (and who should do it). You could also ask your doctor if he or she knows of any specialists who specialize in this area of law; if not then there may be free services available through your local library or law center!
  • Look for free legal advice from someone at work who works closely with immigrants every day – maybe even one of their colleagues would be happy enough with his/her salary just so long as he/she gets treated fairly.


We hope our guide has helped you understand what to expect from an immigration lawyer in London. You can save money by preparing as much as possible before seeing an immigration lawyer, and by choosing a reputable firm that offers no-win, no-fee agreements. If you’re concerned about any of the issues we’ve covered here, then it may be worth getting advice from an experienced professional who will be able to give advice based on their expertise in this field rather than just quoting arbitrary numbers for fees.