Is there health insurance in Pakistan?

  • January 4, 2023


If you’ve ever wondered whether there is health insurance in Pakistan, there are many people who have been asking that very same question. But the answer isn’t as simple as it seems. There are a lot of insurance options in the local market that can be confusing for some who aren’t well-versed with their terminology or policies.

In this post, I’ll explain what it means to have health insurance in Pakistan and offer you some tips on how to get coverage for your family if it becomes necessary. You’ve been all over the internet, and you still have no idea whether health insurance is available in Pakistan or not. You’ve shopped around and found the best deal along with a long list of other factors that have helped to make your decision.

 But there’s one thing missing from all of that — a simple yes or no to whether there is health insurance in Pakistan.

The policy period is one year

As per the laws of Pakistan, the policy period is one year. If you are not covered under any medical facility then you can make an emergency policy as well.

The policy period is one year but it is possible to extend it up to two years by paying a nominal premium. You just need to give an intimation in writing to your insurance company and they will extend the coverage of your policy for another year, subject to their approval.

The policy period is one year

In the case of health insurance, it is important to understand that the policy period is one year. If you are in Pakistan, then there are many insurance plans available. And you can choose any plan that suits your needs and budget. You can even compare different types of health insurance plans to get the best deal for yourself.

Yes, there is health insurance in Pakistan. The policy period is one year. However, there are some restrictions on it. The policy can only be taken for the person who is covered under a family or individual health insurance plan. The coverage of this policy does not include medical treatment or hospitalization expenses of the insured person.

 It also does not cover any travel or repatriation expenses or any other expenses related to accidents, sickness, injury, or death of the insured person which may occur during their stay outside Pakistan.

No medical tests are required

There is no need to undergo any check-ups or medical exams in Pakistan.

The only thing you will have to do is fill out the visa application form and submit it to the embassy/consulate.

The truth is that Pakistan does not have any health insurance. The government has not yet introduced a national health policy because of political instability in the country.

In Pakistan, the government provides free healthcare to its citizens if they are in need of medical help. However, they do not provide any insurance to its citizens. This means that if you are injured or become ill and require medical treatment, you will have to pay out of your own pocket.

However, there are many private doctors who are willing to treat patients without charging them anything. You should contact them before going for a doctor’s appointment at a hospital or clinic.

Yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

There are two types of health insurance in Pakistan: Private and Public. Private health insurance is provided by the companies and individuals who provide the services to the public. The only difference between these two types of health insurance is that private insurance companies offer a wider range of benefits and services to their customers as compared to public hospitals.

The government has introduced several policies that have made it mandatory for citizens to purchase private health insurance. These policies include the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and Medical Services Ordinance 2015.

No medical tests are required to get health insurance in Pakistan. The only thing that you have to do is buy a policy and make sure that it covers you for any kind of medical emergency. This is because there are many people who do not have health insurance, so if you need any kind of emergency treatment, then the hospital will charge high prices for treating them.

The best way to get health insurance in Pakistan is through a company that offers plans for individuals and families. These companies provide the best rates and services available on the market today. You can also find these companies online or through ads placed in newspapers or magazines around town.

You only need the CNIC to apply

The National Electronic Health Records (NEPH) is a key component of the National Health Protection Scheme, under which all citizens will be given an identity card called the card of NEPH and this card would be used for accessing health care services at any public or private hospitals and clinics, as well as by self-employed persons who are eligible to register under NEPH.

You only need the CNIC to apply for health insurance in Pakistan.

If you have a valid CNIC, you can go to any of the hospitals or private clinics and get your health check-up done. There is no need for any other form of proof.

If you do not have a valid CNIC, then you will need to apply for one as well as provide all other required documents. There is no health insurance in Pakistan. The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is only available to expatriates who are working in the country or their families.

If you’re an expatriate, you can get benefits that include free medical services and medicines, but you’ll have to pay for others yourself. You can also apply for treatment at a private clinic or hospital if you can’t afford it.

You only need the CNIC to apply for NHIS benefits. You don’t need any other proof of residency or identity documents either — there are no other requirements or documents required by NHIS except your CNIC.

There is no health insurance in Pakistan. There are different plans for government employees, but the general public doesn’t have any idea about them. You only need the CNIC to apply for these plans. You can also get a private insurance plan if you have some money and your family members are willing to pay their share.

You should buy a health insurance policy from an online company because they offer extra benefits like free medical checkups and free hospitalization services.

Insurance is valid across Pakistan

Insurance is valid across Pakistan. In case of an accident, you can claim for compensation from the insurance company which will provide you with medical treatment and certain financial assistance. This insurance is provided by private companies and not by the government.

To make a claim, you need to visit the nearest office of your insurance company. You will be asked to submit the following documents:

A copy of your policy card or receipt

Proof of identity like a passport or national ID card

A medical report from a doctor who has examined you

You will also have to fill in a form that includes details about the accident, the name, and address of the person who caused it, the time and place of the accident, etc. If you have lost some property in an accident, then you should also include a list of things that were lost along with their price or value.

The answer is yes, there is health insurance in Pakistan. However, it may not be as comprehensive as what you get in the US or other Western countries.

There are two types of health insurance available in Pakistan:

Public Health Insurance (PHI)

Private Health Insurance (PHI)

Yes, health insurance is available in Pakistan. There are two types of health insurance: public and private.

Public Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance Program is a public health program that provides health care for eligible residents of Pakistan. This program provides free basic health services to all citizens. The annual fee is Rs 300 and there are no co-payments or deductibles required for any treatment provided by the hospitals under this program.

Private Health Insurance

There are many private health insurance companies operating in Pakistan but they don’t cover all the services that you would need if you get sick or injured. For example, if you have a serious illness such as cancer or heart disease then you will need to go to a hospital where the specialists can treat you properly.

However, if you want to go for routine checkups then it would be better for you to opt for public insurance plan (National Health Insurance) instead of a private one as most doctors won’t accept patients who aren’t covered by any policy.

You can get insurance for 1 million rupees

Yes, there is health insurance in Pakistan. You can get insurance for 1 million rupees. The insurance companies are also providing a lot of facilities like hospitalization, surgery, etc.

You can get insurance for 1 million rupees in case of an accident or illness.

There are many companies in Pakistan, that provide life insurance. You can get insurance for 1 million rupees in case of an accident or illness. In Pakistan, there are many companies that provide life insurance. You can get Insurance for 1 million rupees in case of an accident or illness.

You can buy insurance from any bank or any other company when you visit them with your passport and other documents like birth certificate, national identity card, driver’s license, etc.

You can get insurance for 1 million rupees. If you are looking to buy health insurance, you must have a valid ID card. The health insurance policy will be valid for one year and you need to renew it every year.

The minimum age requirement for getting health insurance is 18 years. You can also get health insurance if you have a degree but it must be an undergraduate degree or equivalent.

Health Insurance in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has made a provision for health insurance through the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The scheme was established in 2002 and is managed by the National Health Insurance Company Limited (NHL).

The NHIS is a public-private partnership, which means that private companies have been enlisted to provide medical care to citizens. This form of health insurance is very popular among ex-pats who come to Pakistan for work or study.

Health insurance is mandatory in Pakistan and it is provided by the government. The health insurance policy has a maximum coverage of Rs. 1,000,000/- for hospitalization, maternity care, and other medical expenses.

Most private hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes will also provide health insurance to their patients. However, please verify that your doctor or clinic does offer this service before you go for any treatment.

Let’s talk about health insurance in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a limited health insurance system that covers only the poorest of the poor, who make up less than 1% of the population. The government also provides free healthcare for all children under five years old and for pregnant women who are above 16 years old.

There are several plans available to Pakistani citizens. You can get a private health insurance plan from a private company or you can go to the public health care system, which is called the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP). If you go to public hospitals, they will bill your health insurance provider directly.

The NHIP is run by the Ministry of National Health Services and Regulations (NHSR). It’s available nationwide and covers all residents and visitors of Pakistan, regardless of their income level or nationality. The program has four tiers: Basic Health Insurance Plan (BHIP), Urgent Care Package (UCP), Specialist Package (SP), and Comprehensive Package (CP).

Types of Health Insurance

There are three types of health insurance:

1. Medical Insurance: Provides coverage for routine medical expenses, including emergency care, hospitalization, and related services. This type of insurance is usually managed by a medical provider.

2. Hospitalization Coverage: Provides coverage for medically necessary hospitalizations in a hospital or other facility approved by the insurer. This type of insurance is usually managed by a medical provider.

3. Medical Services Coverage: Provides coverage for services provided by physicians and other health care professionals under pre-established benefits and limits, up to certain dollar limits per calendar year or per accident/incident depending on the plan.

This type of insurance is usually managed by an insurance company that offers its policies through agents or brokers who sell them to employers, employees, or both. There are two types of health insurance in Pakistan: health plans and medical plans.

Health plans cover hospitalization, outpatient care, and certain prescription drugs. They are an essential part of your health insurance coverage, but they don’t cover everything you may need.

Medical plans cover all medical costs not covered by your health plan. They can include doctor visits, dental care, eye exams, and more.


Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical costs after an individual has incurred them. When choosing a health insurance plan, you will want to make sure that it covers your needs and those of your family. Pakistan’s healthcare system is fairly affordable when you are planning to visit.

Health insurance always comes in handy. The cheapest way to get one is through international plans. There are many options to choose from, so shop around a little before settling on a particular provider.

Yes, there are excellent health insurance plans in Pakistan. These health insurance plans cater to all possible healthcare needs and offer a lot of incentives for users. The health insurance packages are divided into two broad categories- hospital plans and cash plans.

It’s up to you which category suits you more, depending on your healthcare requirements. Health insurance policies in Pakistan offer wide coverage and affordability.